Friday, May 1, 2015

What I learned in April.

Today I'm joining Emily Freeman and talking about what I learned this month. Yeah, I learn a few things every once in a while.

1. Rice cereal doubles as the world's best glue. I learned from my father-in-law that rice glue used to be a thing. I've had lots of time to ponder on this as I spend five minutes scrubbing tiny bowls every day.

2. My baby is learning how to dramatize things. She has this angry drama-queen screech she likes to whip out in moments where she is clearly not in any real distress. Fun.

3. Formula is gross. Since my child decided that breastfeeding is not her fave, I've been having trouble pumping enough milk for her, so we've been supplementing with formula. From the smell alone, I do not envy her having to drink it. At least she doesn't seem to mind it too much.

4. But supplementing with formula is not, in fact, the worst thing I could do to my child. When my baby was born, I thought formula was the devil's juice. It's not.

5. I eat way more when I'm watching TV. Like way, way more. My relationship with Netflix needs to be a little less intimate. It's not you, Netflix, it's me.

6. If I don't write something down, I definitely will not remember it. There was a time not too far distant when I could go through an entire school semester without writing down a single assignment. Those days are over. I guess I'm old now.

7. It is possible to be very zen one moment and completely insane the next moment. And it happens every day. With so many things.

How was your April?

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  1. "It's not you, Netflix, it's me." Hilarious! Found you on Emily's links. :)