Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The next big thing.

My baby is over four months old and she has not rolled over yet.

For a sane person, this wouldn't be a problem. According to What to Expect: The First Year, my baby "will probably be able to" roll over by five months old. So she still has plenty of time to figure it out, and even then, it's not all that big of a deal.




She's seemed on the cusp of rolling over for a couple of weeks. Sometimes I'll see her teetering on one side of her stomach like she's about to do it. I hold my breath. She's going to do it! She's going to--! ...Nope, she just righted herself again.

I'm not sure she even realizes that rolling over is a thing she should be trying to do. I'm positive that if she gave it half a try, she would be able to do it without a problem.

(She's very strong. She's like a baby Hulk. Except cute.)

But she hasn't tried. Instead she just whines for me to pick her up, because that's the only way she knows how to get out of tummy time. (Yeah, we're still working on that. But tummy time is no longer a non-stop scream fest, so we're making progress.)

I've tried doing it for her, just to give her a taste of the thrill ride that's in store for her. After I flip her over, she looks at me with this expression of disbelief, like, "Whoa. What just happened? Why does everything look so different all of a sudden?" I'm not sure she enjoys the experience, so I guess I can't be too surprised that she doesn't want to attempt to recreate it.

I'm trying to be totally chill with the idea that she might not roll over until she's two years old, but it kind of gives me heart palpitations to think about. Rolling over feels like the first big accomplishment. I mean, there's smiling and reaching for things and holding up her head, but those are so loosely defined that it's hard to know exactly when she started doing them. But you can't help but know when the baby's rolled over. It's a little hard to miss.

Plus, it signals a start of mobility. Today, rolling over! Tomorrow, crawling! And walking! And running! And playing soccer! And winning the World Cup!

Well, that escalated quickly.

And it all started with rolling over!

...Yeah, I have problems.

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