Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Things I loved in June.

1. TheSkimm. I feel it's my civic duty to read the news, but it feels impossible to keep up with. Plus, it's depressing. TheSkimm is a daily email that makes it easy and simple (and even fun) to keep up with the news. So now when people are talking about current events, I can be all, "Ah yes, I have a very strong opinion on the way the crisis in the Middle East is being handled because I totally understand it."

2. This mystery novel. Let me tell ya something. I have never in my life picked up and read a cozy mystery until this very month. And my life has been totally changed in the best way. It's totally goofy and the writing didn't blow me away, but it was the exact thing I needed to distract me from packing and unpacking this month.

3. Probably everyone and their dog knows about, but just in case a few of you have been hiding under an Internet rock, I need to tell you about it. This site is the only thing that has ever really helped me keep my budgeting act together for more than a couple of weeks. My husband and I have been using it as our exclusive budgeting tool for the last couple of months and it's roughly 246 times better than pen and paper. Embrace our digital age, guys.

4. Gilmore Guys. A podcast in which two dudes discuss Gilmore Girls in depth. And it is hilarious. I wouldn't call myself a hard-core Gilmore Girls fan (I've watched the whole series, but only once, because of life), but I do find this really funny and kind of interesting. (Oh, and if you are a hard-core fan, don't worry; this show won't make you defensive. These guys genuinely adore Gilmore Girls.) Word of warning: there is strong language.

Did you find anything you loved in June? Share your fabulous finds with the rest of us in the comments below.


  1. Aw, that book isn't in my library.

    I use, but only as a way to see all my bank accounts on one page. It hasn't been even remotely useful for me for budgeting. I'm glad it works for you! Mint sends me emails saying things like, "Chase bank just charged you a gigantic fee! Go to our website to learn how to avoid fees!" Erm, no, Mint, that was our mortgage payment getting withdrawn. I suppose I could spend a bunch of time sorting things into categories to try to make it more accurate, but even then I'd have problems with purchases that don't fall into a clear category. Mint always gets very alarmed when we send in extra money toward our mortgage, too. ("You're over your housing budget by $2,000!") I just use an old-fashioned Google Spreadsheet. It's more work, I think, because I have to manually log everything, but I don't have to correct a computer's errors! And when I give Summer a dollar to buy blueberries at the farm or a loaf of bread at the bakery outlet, I know it'll still get logged on my spreadsheet, whereas I don't even know how to enter that in Mint.

    1. The book was actually published by Deseret Book (even though it really isn't "LDS fiction," it just has an LDS author), so that's probably why it's in my library and not yours.

      Yeah, it can be a pain to try to get everything just right with Mint, and I usually don't get every single dollar into the right categories. But I like that even when I slack off and don't look at the budget for a couple weeks, I can still know exactly how much we spent (even if I don't know exactly what categories we spent in). It took a lot of tweaking to get my workload down, but now I have the categories just about right so that I don't have to do much work on Mint. Usually I just have a few things to switch around each month. I can see why you don't like to use it--you're really good at doing the entire budget yourself! And you enjoy it! I like to save money, but I'm just not hard-core about budgeting, so Mint works for me.